Second Chance Fund

The FOWAS Second Chance Fund is an important part of the FOWAS mission. Our Second Chance Fund allocates money for adoptable animals that need expensive health care which the Animal Services Authority cannot afford. Without this fund many sick or injured animals may not get the "second chance" they deserve. Read below for examples of how this program helped save lives! See more stories in FOWAS news.

Posted: 02/07/2018

FOWAS pays for medical treatment for a wonderful dog

Bridget came to the shelter in early November.  She needed a lot of help including grooming, confidence building and dental work.  In addition, her ear canals required ablation surgery. This was completed by a surgeon at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital.  After the surgery she went into foster for recovery with one of the shelter volunteers.

Bridget is thriving in foster pending veterinary clearance before going up for adoption.

Donations from the community and from FOWAS Second Chance Funds, paid for the required care.

Posted: 01/18/2018

FOWAS pays for medical treatment for adoptable bunnies

All of these rabbits were adoptable, but had minor health issues requiring medical attention.

FOWAS, using Second Chance Funds, paid for the required care.

After treatment all of these bunnies were given a clean bill of health and are now either ready to be adopted or already in their new homes.
Posted: 10/10/2017

Nelly gets help from FOWAS

Nelly was surrendered at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter when her former owner suffered a neck injury and could no longer care for her. After her foster home noticed some problems with her gate, the FOWAS Second Chance Fund stepped in to cover costs for X-rays that showed Nelly has laxity and possibly some early-onset arthritis. 

She went into foster with a staff member and was just adopted last month.In fact, we are sure she is kicking up her heels with gusto in her new home. Go Nelly!
Posted: 10/10/2017

FOWAS helps Deena

Deena came in to the shelter as a stray. Her previous adopter was contacted and they stated that they had not seen her for 3 years and presumed that she had died. Unfortunately that adopter could not come and pick her up because they were no longer in a situation where they could have pets.

Deena needed dental surgery to help eliminate pain in her mouth. FOWAS helped pay for those services. Deena is recovering and looks forward to finding her new home. .
Posted: 06/29/2017

Eleanor gets help from FOWAS

Eleanor (her new name) came in as a stray from Watsonville in the middle of March. Her mouth seemed to be bothering her and her gums were inflamed. Also noted were concerns about her hip/pelvis. The FOWAS Second Chance Fund covered the dental surgery involving the removal of 4 large teeth and some bone. FOWAS also funded x-rays identified hip/pelvis issues that could be from an old injury or possibly arthritis, but required no futher action. Following the surgery, Eleanor was eating well almost immediately and was adopted on April 15.
Posted: 05/22/2017

FOWAS helps Hannah

Hannah needed an the absess on her foot x-rayed and treated. Following FOWAS's funding of this treatment, Hannah has recovered and is hopping around in her adoptive home.
Posted: 01/31/2017

FOWAS & SCCAS help Seymour

Seymour was brought to the shelter by a good samaritan who had witnessed neighborhood children playing too roughly with the little dog. Seymour was yelping in pain, could not walk normally and had a dangling front leg.

The puppy was given pain meds and then assessed by the SC Shelter veterinarian. The vet suspected fractures and radiographs showed bone displacement at the elbow and fractures. To save the leg, orthopedic surgery was required. FOWAS was contacted and agreed to share the cost of surgery with the shelter.
Posted: 10/14/2016

FOWAS helps rescued dogs

Both dogs needed medical care that was beyond the scope of the Animal Services Authority's budget. FOWAS helped by funding hip xrays (L) and mass removal surgery and biopsies (R). The two dogs got a second chance - thanks to the people who support FOWAS.

Posted: 08/26/2016

FOWAS helps a family [rabbits] in need

This family was surrendered to the shelter and then went into rescue. The mother and babies were not doing so well. The mother had mastitis and the babies had a lot of internal and external parasites. The family is recovering and doing much better after FOWAS provided financial assistance for a Veterinary visit and then Rabbit Haven provided some TLC.

Posted: 08/12/2016

FOWAS helps a rabbit in need

Patrick was found as a stray along the side of the road in Santa Cruz and he was brought into the shelter on August 3. He was skinny and had a many bites which required medical attention. Initially, he was examined by the Shelter's Vet and found to be not a candidate for adoption due to his injuries. However, Rabbit Haven rescued him and FOWAS funds were provided for an exam, x-rays and treatment. The exam indicated that Patrick will heal with medical attention. He was put on antibiotics and the woman who found him indicated she wanted to foster him for Rabbit Haven. As of August 11th, he was released to her and should eventually be adopted. This is a happy ending thanks to FOWAS funds and Rabbit Haven.

Posted: 09/09/2015

FOWAS provides dentist for rescued dogs

Kanai (photo at top-right) was surrendered at the Watsonville Animal Shelter July 20, 2015. His owners could not keep him because they were moving into a new rental house that did not allow pets. He was a little timid when he first arrived but as time went on his warm personality came out. At his exam by the shelter Veterinarian she noticed he had a mouth full of bad teeth so she asked if FOWAS could help out. He got scheduled for a dental and ended up having many teeth extracted. Once he was healed he felt much better and he found his forever home with a wonderful family in the Sierra foothills.

This cute little yorkie (photo at bottom-right) was found as a stray in Watsonville in July 2015. He is approximately 10 yrs old. He won the hearts of the shelter being so confident and sweet so they named him Napoleon. He was a need of some medical care so they asked FOWAS to help. He had to be scheduled for a dentistry and mass removals. All went well but many of his teeth needed to be removed. The good news is his masses were all benign. Napoleon went into a foster home for recovery and they liked him so much they decided to keep him and now his name is Tator Tot and is doing quite well and is a happy healthy little guy.
Photos by

Posted: 03/22/2015

FOWAS provides dentist for rescued dog

Clementine (photo at right), was found in Watsonville. The Shelter Veterinarian examined her and got her spayed. Clementine had not had regular dental care for some time and her teeth were in very bad condition. As a result, the Shelter Vet took out as many teeth as they could but she needed more extractions that needed special tools. So we paid for her to see the Veterinary dentist and she is all smiles now....and she just got adopted to her "forever" home.
Little Bit

Posted: 03/22/2015

FOWAS provides ophthalmology help for cats

These kitties were found in Watsonville (the names are below) they came in with bad eye infections. When they weren't getting better We paid for them to go to the ophthalmologist. Their eyes could not be saved. But now that the eyes are removed they will have long and heathy life.

The kittens are (photo at right): Bean (left) lost one eye ; Bonita (right) was able to keep both eyes; and, Bonzai (middle) had both eyes removed and has been adopted.
Little Bit

Posted: 01/12/2015

FOWAS provides surgery for rescued dog

Little Bit (photo at right), has become a shelter favorite. Little Bit is in a foster home recovering from dental surgery and broken jaw. Once recovered, Little Bit will be up for adoption. The shelter staff said Little Bit was brought to the shelter after being shuffled from house to house with no medical care. Little Bit is about 9 years old and has just been jolly even before his surgery.
Little Bit

Posted: 05/10/2013

FOWAS rescues 2 dogs in need

Andy (top photo) came to us as a stray that was found at Rolling Hills School in Watsonville. He had sores all over his body, as well and extremely irritated skin on his feet. He was immediately transfered over to the Santa Cruz Shelter to be examined by our Vet. Even though he was very scared and not sure what was going on, he allowed our Vet to thouroughly examine him, without complaint. After being on antibiotics and pain meds for a little over a week, his skin has improved some, and his spirits alot. We are still waiting on results from his lab work, but we have high hopes for Andy.

Sophie was surrendered to us after the owner was called on due to complaints about her condition. She was so horribly matted that clumps of fur were dragging on the ground, and neighbors noticed that she was kept outside with no food or water, and constantly barking. Once brought to the shelter, one of our lovely volunteers groomed her and got her looking and feeling pretty cute! The day after she came in we noticed she was straining to urinate, and had some blood in her urine. We had our doctor examine her and she felt a stone in her bladder!!! We put her on pain meds and an antibiotics and it seemed to help her some. She is currently waiting to get spayed and have that stone taken out. We are sure Sophie will feel alot better after!


Posted: 09/24/2012

FOWAS assists Rabbit Haven with rescue in Watsonville

FOWAS helped Rabbit Haven provide supplies, care and the spaying/neutering of 27 rabbits which were confiscated by Santa Cruz County Animal Control on September 16th.

All rabbits appear to be healthy. One large female was nursing a litter of 12. The litter appears to be 3 and 4 weeks of age and varies in shape and breed. It appears that multiple litters were placed with one nursing female. The mother was spayed and the kits now require hand feeding. In addition, most adult females are likely pregnant as they were housed with males - all will be spayed/neutered.

Read the whole story at  The Rabbit Haven.    See also story in the  Santa Cruz Sentinel.
[Photos below: The Rabbit Haven]
rabbit rabbits rabbits

Posted: 09/23/2012

FOWAS rescues a dog in need

This dog was found in Watsonville by a humane officer. He was bleeding and we think think he had gotten into Rat Poison (Decon).

The shelter called FOWAS to see if we could help ($). He was given plasma and Vit K to clot his blood. Hours after this treatment, he was bright and alert.

He will go back to the shelter and then into foster care until he can be adopted. He will need vitamin K daily for 2-4 weeks, followed-up with blood work, but things are looking good for this pup.

dog in need

Posted: 08/06/2012

FOWAS rescue of feral moms and kittens

We've all seen 'em...feral cats that is. There are many in Santa Cruz County, often doing things we like, such as catching gophers, mice and rats. There are problems, however: no one is looking after their health, and left unchecked, these cats have lots of kittens.

This Spring, helpers from FOWAS caught and cared for several cats and kittens. The cats and kittens were spayed or neutered, given their shots and provided with necessary medical care (paid for by FOWAS). A volunteer provided the kittens with bottle feeding and special care for several weeks. Some of them also had upper respiratory infections. Once all were healthy, they were released to their new homes. Some went to local cemetaries where they will be looked after and fed by caretakers and will help keep down the rodent population.

[Shannon Henderson, FOWAS,
with rescued kittens]