LOW COST Spay and Neuter Program

Low-Cost Certificate For Altering Your Dog, Cat or Rabbit
  • This certificate program is for low-income Watsonville and Freedom residents. Please bring a driver’s license or government ID and tax return to the Watsonville Animal Shelter.
  • Certificates are $40.00 per animal. Proof of income must be in the form of a tax return.
  • Sponsored by: Watsonville Animal Shelter and “Friends of Watsonville Animal Shelter” 580 Airport Blvd., Watsonville, 95706.
  • For information call the Watsonville Animal Shelter: 831-454-7303.
  • Certificates are used at one of the local participating veterinarians.

For the purposes of this program, you are considered to be low income if your annual income is:
  • up to $27,500 (for 1 person household)
  • up to $31,400 (for 2 person household)
  • up to $35,350 (for 3 person household)
  • up to $39,250 (for 4 person household)
  • up to $42,400 (for 5 person household)


It's mandatory for all residents of the City of Watsonville to spay and neuter all cats and dogs unless you have an Unaltered Animal Certificate! This spay-neuter ordinance was passed on January 18, 2009 after the rest of Santa Cruz County passed the the same spay-neuter ordinance on December 14, 2008.

It's mandatory for all dogs in the city of Watsonville, and in all of Santa Cruz County, to have a dog license! Citations are strictly enforced. The application for an unaltered Animal Certificate and for a dog license can be downloaded from the Santa Cruz County Animal Services website, www.scanimalservices.us, or picked up at either of the two Animal Services locations. The certificate needs to be renewed every year with a fee and a letter on letterhead from your regular veterinarian stating that you are following a preventive health care program for the animal. Please call Animal Services for more information: 831-454-7303

Do you live outside of Watsonville?
FOSCCA offers free spay/neuter certificates for Santa Cruz County residents outside of the City of Watsonville. Visit their web site or one of the local shelters to find out more. The Santa Cruz SPCA offers low-cost spay/neuter certificates for low-income residents of Capitola.

Spay and Neuter Feral Cats:
Project Purr has the best program for feral cats. This is a much better solution than bringing cats to a local animal shelter. Read more about feral cats.

Click Here to learn more about Pet Overpopulation

Spay and Neuter Certificate Program
Every month FOWAS funds the low-cost spay and neuter certificates that are available for residents in the City of Watsonville and Freedom. The program has been a huge success and is continuing to grow steadily. We have already spayed/neutered over 2,548 animals for low-income pet owners! Take a look at some of of our historical data showing the numbers of animals spayed/neutered, and funds allocated to this program by month.

Click here to see the data.