Creature Comfort Fund

FOWAS wants to make sure that animals at the Watsonville Shelter are as comfortable as possible. We have developed a special fund just for providing extra pet comforts. These "creature comforts" include things such as warm blankets, toys, and important supplies. There are several ways you can donate to this fund if you feel more comfortable buying specific supplies or gift certificates. You can directly donate to this fund on the donation page.
Wish List (items can be dropped off at the Watsonville shelter)
Dollar stores and thrift stores are great places to buy towels, blankets, comforters, and toys to be donated.
  • blankets and towels
  • bedding and comforters
  • cat beds
  • cat and dog toys
  • treats for cats and dogs
  • Advantage for cats and dogs
  • Precision Pens (puppy pens)
  • Snuggle Safes (heat pad) for kittens, puppies, and bunnies
  • litterboxes
  • Wood Stove Pellets (for small animal litter)
  • Carefresh bedding (for small animals)
  • Reptile Lights: both day and night (75-100 watts)
  • Iams dog and cat food
  • Rabbit pellets: Oxbow Bunny Basics T (Timothy)
  • fresh vegetables for small animals
  • Safeway gift card
  • color printer and ink cartridges
  • digital camera
  • video camera
  • printer paper
  • gas cards
  • gift certificate for Creekside Veterinary Hospital
Gift Certificates (Our shelter buys many of our supplies from local stores such as Aggies Feed, Pet Pals and Scotts Valley Feed. We love gift certificates!)
Pet Expertise logo We buy standard leashes, collars and educational material for school kids from this store. Click here to buy a Pet Expertise gift certificate for our shelter.
BusyBunny We buy our rabbit toys from The Busy Bunny. You can donate supplies or gift certificates from them.
For Other Living Things For Other Living Things is a great store in Sunnyvale and online. You can donate supplies or a gift certificate.
Cats and Rabbits and More Cats and Rabbits and More is another store for cat and rabbit supplies, especially the cardboard cat/rabbit cottages!
Training Wheels Training Wheels is a national program that helps local communities with education, animal training, alternatives to surrendering pets, and financial assistance to owners who cannot afford to keep their pet. We purchase supplies and services from them and need your support to keep this going! CLICK HERE to see what they are doing in Santa Cruz County.