Preliminary Data for the Clinic

Animals treated April 1 - October 1.

Cats 261
Dogs 183
Rabbits 40
Total 484
Average per month 80.7

Estimated costs covered by donations to FOWAS.

Monthly estimated costs of operating the clinic that are paid for by FOWAS are:
  low high Comments
Monthly Rent  $3,000.00  $3,000.00  
PGE  $135.00  $200.00  
Sewer/Water/Garbage  $100.00  $125.00  
Insurance  $150.00  $200.00  
Hazardous Waste  $75.00  $80.00  
Oxygen (for surgeries)  $75.00  $100.00  
Cleaning  $400.00  $500.00  
Office Supplies  $50.00  $100.00 (incl. paper towels, toilet paper, paper, ink for printer, etc.)
Surgical Supplies  $1,184.00  $1,554.00 (approximate per animal:  $5 for vaccinations plus additional costs for sutures, injectables, Iso)

Total  $5,329.00  $6,039.00 (Does not include non-planned events such as plumbing, electrical or general equipment failures.)

FOWAS [only**] Costs per animal  $66.06  $74.86 All fees collected at the clinic go back to SCCAS, not to FOWAS.  FOWAS relies on donations to keep the clinic open long term.

**Does not include costs paid by SCCAS financed through taxes and donations and fees collected at the clinic. The costs paid by SCCAS include the cost the vet, the cost of scheduling appointments and coordination volunteers.

Note: Planned PetHood is financed by the County and donations.

ANNOUNCING: New spay neuter program coming soon...stay tuned.....
POSTED 16 August, 2018